Monday, May 4, 2009

Its The First Day

Assallamualaikum and good day everyone.....


It’s had been a while since the last 4 days holiday. Now, I already return back to my University (UMP) to continue my studies, not a University subjects, but the special subject, its more focus on ASP.NET Framework 3.5.Its  my 3P program (Program Pertauliahan Profesional).

And today, is my first day on the class. My trainer name for this course is Mr Frederick Lee Cheng Her. Based on his experiences that he shared with all of us in the class, I think he is very well knowledge is ASP.NET.

There is a few of my lecturer also taking part in this class, En.Azwan ,En.Wan Syahrir ,Cik Junaida ,En.Nor Adzhar and a few that  I not really know them yet....hehehe. But, it is interesting that we could share our knowledge in this class together.

I think thats all for this moments.I really tired this time,no idea at this moment want I want to post tonight.Stay tuned buddy......

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